2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014


Hello Guys pongo esta entrada porque apoyo totalmente esta causa! Siendo una fiel seguidora de la Saga NO A LOS SPOILERS! Apoyemos y no arruinemosle la lectura a nadie!

Hello and welcome,

I know most of you are asking to yourselves why I told you about come here and read this, well it's really simple.

As all of you know, City Of Heavenly Fire comes out on May 27 in USA, before than other countries in the world. Well, I know that you will want to share your opinion about the book but that means that spoilers can appear without even realizing that you are puting them. I'm just praying to everyone who lives in USA or that is going to read the book the same day (or the next days of the date when the book comes out), PLEASE DON'T MAKE ANY SPOILERS.

We are all waiting about what it is going to happen to all our favourite characters, and I have lived the worst experience of my life when I saw a spoiler of Allegiant (the last book of the saga Divergent) and it would be worse if I see any spoiler of COHF. So, please, DON'T MAKE ANY SPOILER AND SHARE THIS TO EVERYONE. We all want to feel the same as all of you who have the privilege of read it before than most of the fans in the world without knowing anything about it.

Please share this missage, translate it if you want, I don't mind, but make everyone know that the people that will have to wait more than other persons to read it, wants to feel the same as all of the privileged. Thank you so much for reading this and please, SHARE, SHARE AND SHARE. I need that someone, just someone, reads this. Thank you.

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